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April 2015
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5 6 7  7:00PM Drum & Healing Circle Meditation
8 9 10 11  10:30AM Inner You/Child Workshop
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26  9:30AM Reiki 3
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Welcome to The Infinity Centre!


The Infinity Centre offers a wellness and spiritual retreat, for a transformational experience of whole healing and spiritual awakening of body, mind and spirit, for both men and women. 
Services:  iMRS PEMF (pulsed electro magnetic fields) sessions, Meditation, Spiritual or Business coaching, Readings, Hot Tub, Workshops, Events & Movie Nights.
We also are the owner/publisher of Infinity Magazine. Feel free to read our many articles on Wellness, Spirit, Culture and Travel by clicking on the magazine cover to the right of your screen. 

Rev. Darcelle Runciman



The Infinity Centre is an Intelligent Wellness Lounge. 


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